Just a Little Bra Fit Advice

Here’s a little bra fit advice: Bras are like shoes. They all fit differently and you ideally need to try them on.

1. Your band needs to be on the loosest hook as the tighter hooks are for when it stretches out. The band takes on 90% of the breast weight, the straps should only carry 10%.

2. The bra band must be parallel to the floor – if it’s too big and arching up at the back then your boobs will be dropping down at the front.

3. The underwire and center gore (the area between the breasts) must be flush against your chest and not on your breast.

4. Scoop all the breast tissue in at the side into the cup because you only want two boobs!

More bra fit advice:

What do you do if you have wires pressing painfully against the breastbone.

The two most common reasons that wires press into your breastbone are:

1) The cups are too small: This causes the wires to be at the wrong angle and press into your sternum.

2) The most common reason is – the wires are too long for you. When the wires of your bra come up too far over your sternum they meet bone and that can be painful. If you have a short torso or high set breasts or a curved and protruding breastbone then your need bras with short wires or plunge style cups that don’t come up as high on your sternum.

I hope this little bit of bra fit advice helps.

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