Just a Little Bra Fit Advice

Here’s a little bra fit advice: Bras are like shoes. They all fit differently and you ideally need to try them on. 1. Your band needs to be on the loosest hook as the tighter hooks are for when it stretches out. The band takes on 90% of the breast weight, the straps should only […]

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A Short Style Guide For Bras

Hello lingeristas and those who love us, With so many styles promoted, you may be confused on what’s what when it comes to a bra style.  Here is a short style guide for bras to help you see the difference. It’s important to note the differences, because different cuts will affect your sizing.  You may […]

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Bra Hacks to make life with your bra SWEET!

Here is my latest short YouTube video of some bra hacks to make your life with your bra a little easier. Here are some of the Bra Hacks products that are featured in the video: Naughty and Nice Lingerie The Strap Clip Cleavage Control Bra Clips 3 Pack Fullness Lingerie Accessory One Pair of Bra Strap Shoulder […]

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To Wear or Not to Wear a Bra to Bed?

This debate has been around and around and everyone has their own opinion.  Let me see if I can help you underneath it all. Here’s the deal with breast sag: there are no muscles in the breast. The Cooper’s Ligament is what keeps them suspended (aka perky). Over time, gravity and poor support can stretch […]

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