“Yes We Can-Can” Lingerie Set by Mio Destino

Last week, I featured a Japan Bra that was quite unconventional. Well, Mio Destino isn’t new to stirring up some press with unconventional special edition lingerie sets either. They’re back with this “Yes We Can-Can” set – inspired by, and in support of Barack Obama.

From their press release:

“Mio Destino has created a limited edition ‘Yes, We, Can-Can’ lingerie set to celebrate his triumph and to wish the President and the American people every success during his term in office. The perfect gift for American Independence Day on July 4th, the set comes complete with White House nipple tassels (these are not official and may not gain the wearer access to the Oval office), slogan sporting briefs and a high-waisted, net layered skirt in the colors of the American flag. Styled to mimic a Can-Can dancer’s outfit it makes the perfect attire for ladies wanting to show their support for the President of the USA with panache and a few high kicks!”

What will they think of next? This was too cute not to post!

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