I have become a Silver Power Seller on Ebay! Thank you for your support!

I have been selling well on Ebay for years..and have been a Bronze powerseller almost as soon as soon as I started selling on Ebay. Well, this week, I finally got the email I have been waiting years for.

“Dear evey_c,

Congratulations! You’ve been on a super sales streak and since you’ve done so well, it’s time to recognize your efforts. Your PowerSeller membership has been upgraded to Silver!”

Woohoo! It was my birthday last week, so Happy birthday to me from Ebay!

This is exciting, and I owe a big thank you to all my supporters and clients! If it wasn’t for you guys, I wouldn’t have been inspired to do the best I can! I love selling lingerie and making women feel beautiful, under it all. I hope I can keep serving you lingerie and meeting your expectations. check out my store at www.naughtyandnicelingerie.com to see what I mean! Thanks again and have a beautiful and sexy lingerie day!

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