Why Do I Have Such a Hard Time Finding the Right Bra Fit? Are Underwired Bras Safe?

“Underwired plus size bras give the support I look for, but they poke!” Do you always say this and yet choose to wear the bra anyway? Well, it is true that underwired bras define your busts better giving you great looks. But the poking or discomfort part is probably due to an improper bra fitting, not the bra.

I have said (and seen) this before. Did you realize that statistics state that 85% of women are wearing the wrong bra size!!!! This is a stagerring amount of women who are uncomfortable or not getting enough support from their bras. Unfortunately, bra companies do not help, as each company cuts their bras different, so a 34B in a Victoria’s Secret bra may not be the same as a 34B in a Delicates bra. And, once you get sized, you have to consider the different cuts in a bra. A full figured bra will fit differently than a demi bra.

So what do you do in this situation? Get a proper bra fitting. I don’t recommend going to a chain lingerie boutique. While they are great for prices, their customer service reps just aren’t properly trained.

Once you do receive the fitting, that should be your starting point. Try on bras in that size, and a size up and down. Make sure you look at yourself in the mirror. The bra (front and back) should fall midway between your shoulder and elbow. You shouldn’t have “back fat” caused by the bra. You shouldn’t have breast spillage on the side or over the top of cups. You also shouldn’t have puckering along the cups. You shouldn’t be able to pull the bra too far way from the back of the body. You should be able to slide two or four fingers under the wings, but that should be all. The center of the bra should also lie flat against the breast bone. You should not feel the underwires “poking” you if you follow these quick tips.

Plus Size Bras
Women with larger busts find underwired plus size bras essential because of the added support they get from them. Some women grumble about underwires that pop out of their bras. These problems arise from wearing wrong sized bras and can be corrected by picking right ones. With plus sized bras, you should be very picky and look for bras specially designed for plus sized women.

Leaving aside these problems, there’s a major problem involved, which most women don’t seem to know about. The underwires are made of metal and when plus size bras are too tight on your breast tissue, they tend to cut off the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid around the busts and chest wall.

The most shocking news is that wearing improper underwired plus size bras can lead to painful fatty lumps causing benign tumors. So ladies, watch out! Go for proper fitting underwired plus size bras, if you think only they can offer the best fit for you. Or try out the other styles to get the correct fit. Wire-free or soft cup bras are advancing and providing great support. This is a great alternative. You can do your own bra fitting, if you have a soft tape measure. I wrote a “how to” article that can be found here

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If there is anything I can do, please let me know. I will gladly answer any bra fitting questions you may have. Hope to see you shopping soon!

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