Victoria’s Secret affordable “Fantasy” Miraculous Pushup Bra with Crystals!

I already blogged about the 2010 Victoria’s Secret Diamond Fantasy bra. It’s an absolutely stunning bra, but who has an extra $2 million sitting around? If you like the look of a sparkly set but don’t have extra cash, then there is a solution for you! VS has also released a limited-edition Miraculous Pushup bra this season. It is covered in pink iridescent Swarovski crystals, and VS claims that it can boost you up to 2 cup sizes.

It’s still pricey ($250 for the bra and $50.50 for the matching V-string) but a lot easier to handle than a couple million!

There are also matching thigh highs ($70) and a garter belt ($90). You can buy the entire set at and make someone very, very happy this holiday!

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