Scratch a Dare: a fun way to get everyone talking!

So you plan “the perfect” girls night in party. You have great food, the house is clean and you got the Fire stick ready for a great movie. The girls show up and the wine is flowing, everyone starts talking and no one wants to watch a movie. Since everyone is in the sharing mood, take it just a little further with our Scratch A Dare game!

The game is simple. Scratch a kiss on each row and discuss as is written: Do what? To Whom? and How? This game is meant to be harmless, and so much fun. Get the ladies laughing and talking for hours! Everyone will remember the fun they had at your party. But remember, what’s said at the party, stays at the party!

Ready for some fun at your next party? Get your 12 piece game set here:

So let’s start the crazy fun…I dare you! Lol

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