Naughty and Nice Lingerie Scratch A Dare Game Card Set


Naughty and Nice Lingerie Scratch a Dare Game card set will have everyone talking for hours! Your next party will be a riot when you begin playing Scratch A Dare game! Get them to spill the beans!  But remember, what’s said at the party, stays at the party!

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Scratch A Dare Game Card Set

Brand: Naughty and Nice Lingerie

Includes: 12 pieces

Material: Paper

Style #: NNN275


Put your inhibitions to the side and pull out the Scratch A Dare Game Card Set for a surprising twist to any party.  Great for girl’s night in parties for fun everyone will be talking about!  Get everyone to spill the beans about their deepest secrets and fantasies! Each player takes turns scratching one kiss from each row. Do as is written: Do what? To Whom? and How? Things will become intense quickly, so stay ready! It’s all a mystery until you choose the kisses to scratch. Let’s play!


Surprise your honey tonight!

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