Say it isn’t so! Sexy Little Things ARE best!

Football Jerseys versus Lingerie?

Ladies, we have a big problem on our hands. A recent survey of 2,000 UK men found that they would prefer their lovers in a jersey associated with their football (soccer for those of us in the US) club than in sexy lingerie.

The poll found that 34% of the men surveyed found women to be sexiest when found in a football jersey.

Only 23% favored provocative lingerie, and 16% prefer skimpy costumes (such as a “sexy nurse” or “naughty schoolgirl”)..

I can’t be the only one floored by these poll results! Indeed, the website who hosted this survey, MyCelebrityFashion, said, “Women everywhere always had a sneaking suspicion that blokes like their football or rugby team more than they should…but to find out that they find women more attractive in bed when they are wearing a football or rugby top is maybe taking it a little too far.”

My husband, being from Ireland, does love is football (soccer) club…Liverpool. He is even the President of a New York Chapter of supporters! We have planned vacations around But him prefering the jersey over sexy lingerie is not true for him..thank goodness!

I know sports are important to many guys, but I can’t see how any sane man would rather come home to find a baggy old polyester t-shirt waiting in his bedroom instead of something more provocative…like a little number like this:

I suggest that tonight (and, well, almost every night), every lady around the world puts on her most provocative lingerie and remind her man why the sexy little things are best!

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  1. odd….but…maybe you could turn it into something sexy? who says you have to wear a bunch of baggy stuff along with the jersey? 😉 heck you could hide an extra sexy surprise underneath the jersey. or wear some cute thigh high or knee high tube socks with the jersey. this is giving me ideas! lol

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