My Lingerie Candy Store Trip In NYC!

Madmac lingerie candy storeHello lingeristas and those who love us,

So every 6 months in NYC, my favorite lingerie candy store opens up! The Lingerie Expo, at the Jacobs Javitz Center, where lingerie companies from all over the world come to put their products on display and try to convince me as to why I should buy them.  I also visit my regular companies, like Glitter and Hauty, to restock and check out their new items.

So after placing my order with Glitter and Hauty (which became a long story with a new rep that wanted to stake his claim – lol), I stumbled upon several other companies that peaked my interest.

I met a rep from Music Legs, a company that has been around forever, with an encyclopedia sized catalog (1 of 3 available at the show), and so much to offer. I want to expand Naughty and Nice Lingerie’s hosiery section, and this may be a good way to start. The company is branching out into lingerie styles, but I need to do further research before I invest heavily. I saw some great items, so don’t be surprised if you see Music Legs in our hosiery section soon!

The one I am really excited about is called Mad Mac. They are a lingerie company out of Dallas, Texas. They boast that their products are all made within the USA (a huge plus…USA! USA!). But that is not even the best part (catering to my girly side of course). These products are made with Micro-brushed lace. Why is that significant? Because it makes for the softest thong (and other products) you have EVER felt. I was a bit skeptical, but she gave me one to try at home (confidence in my eyes) and was fine with sending me on my way. I played wmadmac leopard linerith this thong, rubbed it against my leg and arm and she wasn’t kidding. You could feel the difference immediately. Seriously amazing! I walked back within about a half an hour and placed my first order. You will never buy another brand of thong again after wearing these thongs. They come in mid and low rise. I bought a few low rise, but I concentrated on the mid rise ones and the colors are adorable! I can’t wait to show you. You’ll have to really try it out for yourself to notice the difference in the feel of this product.

But wait, there is more.  As women, we know that a panty liner in the undies is a pretty important factor. And we also know that the liners in panties are not always forgiving after a wash. Mad Mac made a signature LEOPARD PRINT liner that is not only adorable (because I LOVE leopard print), but practical in getting lots of use out the thong without embarrassment.

There were a lot of other great vendors at the show that I will look forward to dealing with in the future, but for now, I will bring to you the new Glitter, Hauty, Mad Mac and Music Legs items very soon. Don’t forget that Naughty and Nice Lingerie has a massive clearance section, with lingerie as low as $14.99 with free shipping.

Do you want to see something different at Naughty and Nice Lingerie?  Let me know, so that when I go back to my lingerie candy store, I’ll find it!  Send me a message at or comment below.

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