Laundry and your intimates: Hook ‘n Dry – and other simple solutions

Alot of women make mistakes when laundering their favorite bras. No one has time to hand wash anymore! There are a lot of solutions to properly launder your intimates and still be able to wear them when your done.

Lets first start with the wash. Ideally, you would want to hand wash..but like I said, who has the time? Then, you could put it in the washing machine…but again, ideally, you would want to wash only intimates in one load. You would not want to mix your jeans with undies. But with everyone trying to save money, you may want to do a few short cuts. Here are some products to help you launder your fine articles and keep them safe.

There are alot of products out there to help keep you bras from ripping, pulling, or it’s general shape. There is the Brababy. It was featured on the Today Show and is a great tool. The only draw back is that it is not big enough to hold D cup padded bras or above.

Then there is a mesh lingerie laundry bag. This is a simple and very useful tool. You can put a few bras and undies in it at a time..but not too many, or the items will not clean properly. I recommend two bras at most and maybe 5 thongs (not together)…all depending on the size of the bag. I personally use bags myself, since I am a DD bra size. I have several bags to do my laundry.

Also, be sure to hook all hooks on the bras prior to washing. Also, reshape the bras once you take them out of the wash.

NEVER dry your lingerie in a dryer! The heat will eat away at the elasticity in your undies! So here are a few more toys to help!

This is the Laundry Carousel. You can hang your undies from the clasps and the air passes through, drying each piece equally.

And, now I just found a simple solution called the Hook ‘n Dry. Hook ‘n Dry’s Diane Hassel talks about her product which is proudly made in the USA:

“I always hung my bras to dry in my laundry room using regular hangers and a few hooks I have installed. When my daughter became old enough to purchase expensive bras I had to find a place to hang many more wet bras every laundry day. To solve that problem, I invented the Hook ‘n Dry Hanger!”

“The Hook ‘n Dry Hanger has seven hooks on one hanger allowing you to air dry seven bras in a small space. The hooks are spaced evenly apart to allow maximum air flow between the bras and the hanger can be hung anywhere. It provides women an efficient space saving tool so that they don’t have to hang wet lingerie on towel rods, shower bars, door knobs and other improvised solutions. Many women have found that my hanger solves that universal laundry problem of where to dry your wet bras and lingerie.”

All the pieces, except the hook n dry item can be found at by folowing these links:

Click here for the dryer carousel plus mesh bag listing

Click here for The BraBABY listing

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  1. I never knew you weren’t supposed to put bras and panties in the dryer until my mom visited and took me to Cacique and bought me 4 bras They were slightly padded and I thought heck no. I’m large to begin with. but you know what? They are perfect for me. I always wash in the washer but then hang them to dry.

    These are great tips!! Thank you so much!

  2. Thanks ladies for reading and commenting. I am glad I could offer information to help you extend the life of your intimates!

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