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Going Commando

When I think about Commando, I usually think about that 1985 flick with Arnold Schwarzenegger blowing everything up….then a few years after 1985, my girlfriend and I were talking and she referred to not wearing any undies as going commando!?! I couldn’t believe it that:

1. It was referred to as “going commando” and
2. That she told me this info…”TMI,” I thought (before TMI was the saying).

Well, as I was watching “The Doctors” all women’s show, this topic obviously had to be discussed. Angel, from Ventura, California asks The Doctors if it is healthy for women to “go commando” and not wear any underwear. “You just kind of go free!” she says.

“I think going commando is great because the vagina has to breathe!” Dr. Lisa says. “It absolutely has to breathe. It’s healthy for it. The problem is that you could pick up other things if you’re in other places that aren’t so healthy. So go commando at home, or go commando where you know all the surfaces, and you know all the people. But if you want to go out in public, you need to wear things on the outside that are going to protect you.”

When going out, Dr. Lisa advises women to wear cotton underwear. For men, going commando is also healthy, but Dr. Travis warns against it if you are playing sports or wearing jeans. “Number one, there’s a support issue,” Dr. Ordon says. “But number two, there could be things getting caught in the zipper.”

OUCH! I am so glad to be a woman in that situation! I just posted a poll to see if you go commando…it’s to the left. Please take a moment to’s anonymous!