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Vroom into Spring Cleaning!!

I don’t know about you, but I go crazy over messes and spills! I hate to have things out of place in my home! I entertain often and always need to have the place looking it’s best! When I heard about the VROOM Solo vacuum appliance, which fits inside a kitchen cabinet and has a 24 foot hose, I was immediately interested!!

The Vroom™ Solo has one mission: to perfectly handle life’s quick clean-ups. It was created to address the daily messes that need cleaning up in every home. Instead of having to find time to clean up a mess, Vroom is always ready to be used – eliminating that frustration that goes along with being inconvenienced when cleaning up spills and messes. Vroom’s 24’ hose allows for versatile cleaning of floors and counter surfaces, as well as inside cupboards and drawers. Vroom is made by H-P Products, Inc., the manufacturer of VACUFLO® and Dirt Devil®, so you know it can be trusted!

Vroom never gets lost or misplaced, just when you need it! With complete installation, you can quickly and easily find and use your Vroom, without even thinking about it! Vroom’s attachments add versatility and you can also use most standard vacuum attachments with Vroom! How convenient is that?! You can use it anywhere: The kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, basement, mudroom, garage and more! I would love to use it to clean the dryer lint catcher! It would also be great to clean up after my dogs..who love to play in the grass and dirt in the yard! I would love to “Vroom it away!”

It’s strong, quick and versatile…just like me! So it must be a match made in cleaning heaven! LOL But make up your own mind by going to the Vroom website and finding out more info and watching their awesome demonstration video. If you have a Vroom already, I’d love to hear what you think of it!

Click here to check out the Vroom website