Triumph’s Marriage Hunting Bra

Leave it up to Triumph International to develop another wild idea bra! We’ve seen the solar powered bra:

And the shopping bag bra:

And now there’s a new “marriage hunting” bra. Called the Konkatsu Bra, it is meant to bring attention to Japan’s struggle to keep the birthrate up. The LCD panel displays the amount of time the wearer has left to marry (thankfully, the wearer herself can set the timer!).

When you do get engaged, just push your engagement ring into the special heart between the cups, and the “here comes the bride” will play! There is a pen and stamp seal in pockets on the side of the bras, for use when filling out your marriage license application.

Check out this youtube video on the showcasing the bra:

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  1. OMG! Now must say that the shopping bag bra got my attention,lol. Thank you for sharing these interesting new fun bras with us!

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