The Bra Fitter App for your iphone!

I don’t think this is fair to us non-iphone users…lol, however, what an ingenious idea! The Bra-fitter is not an ordinary bra-size calculator. The Bra-fitter provides you not only with one size, but also with several other possibilities which help you refine your choice and find your perfect fit. It will even help you convert your size into another country’s standards if you’re buying a foreign brand, and also demonstrates how a well-fitting bra should look. This sounds like a great tool to bring into the fitting room and have by your side at the computer when you’re shopping at! (a shameless plug..I know)

Learn more about this app and find purchasing information on the Bra-Fitter website. If you have tried this app, I would love to know what you think of it!

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