Ten tips for a Diva-like Halloween!

Ten Tips for a Diva-like Halloween

1. Plan ahead. Halloween events tend to sell out early, so be sure to purchase tickets in advance – if not, you may end up stuck at home with only your Football costume (check out the one above listed in my store) for company.

2. Hit the “brakes.” Be sure to break in your costume shoes the week before – Divas don’t do blisters. Trust me…I unfortunately speak from experience…those black stilletto go go boots were a killer (um…did I just say that out loud!?!)

3. Be sure to eat up. So, I know you want to look as skinny as humanly possible in your costume – but that does not mean you should skip meals on Halloween. I’ve seen it too many times, a fellow female party go-er looks fabulous – but ends up in a cocktail coma within the first fifteen minutes of the party…don’t be that girl, it’s just not worth it.

4. Separate but Equal. Always have one costume designated for your Halloween party, and one equally fabulous, but perhaps not as scanty, costume solely for handing out candy at home. Your ‘Sexy Cop’ costume was not meant to be seen by fifth graders – or their parents for that matter.

5. As a rule of thumb, steer clear of any man dressed as a Pimp. If Halloween costumes are about portraying your fantasies, we shouldn’t be too impressed with his. Besides, underneath that furry garb, he’s probably an intern at a computer software firm who hasn’t had a girlfriend since junior high!

6. Costume-Appropriation. Remember to run all of your personal errands BEFORE you put on your costume. (Stopping at the local convenience store while dressed as a Pussycat Doll is not only a tad embarrassing, but also a recipe for unwanted ‘advances,’ unless, of course, you like that sort of thing!)

7. Being Creative Counts. Go for the guy with the most unique and creative costume. Because, well, if he spent THAT much time on a Halloween costume, just imagine how much time he’ll spend on you!

8. Masquerade. Never go home with a man in a mask. Chances are you won’t be happy when you see what’s underneath. Oh, and FYI — this rule also applies to everyday living, in case you didn’t know!

9. Stranger Danger. Don’t take candy from strangers. And we mean that in every sense you can imagine. The freaks really come out in force on this night!

10. Party like a Diva. Above all else, have a great time this Halloween! But remember, while the night may be fleeting… You Tube is forever.

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