Survey says!!

ShopSmart magazine just released their results of a telephone survey asking 1,000 women about their relationship with, and habits around, their lingerie. Here are some of the top stats from the survey:

* Women own an average of 21 knickers
* 10% of women own 35 or more pairs
* 46% of women favor the brief style
* 56% of women fold their panties
* 27% just toss them in the drawer
* 1 in 10 women will “go commando,” leaving the house without underwear
* 29% of women said their favorite pair of panties is white
* 21% of women’s favorite pairs are black
* 2% have a favorite pair that is red, and only 1% have a favorite pair in green
* 47% of women feel sexier and more confident when wearing a “special” pair of panties
* 27% say their mood is affected when they wear unattractive of ill-fitting underwear
* 25% have at least one pair of underwear they would be embarrassed for someone else to see

Half of women have problems with fit – the most common problems are wedgies, underwear not laying flat under clothes, and not enough coverage in the rear!
The most important pieces of information appears to be:

1) Women’s moods are affected if they’re wearing lingerie that isn’t pretty or comfortable
2) Knowing this doesn’t stop women from wearing lingerie that isn’t comfortable. Even though they know that they feel more confident in pretty lingerie!

Ladies, it’s that time of the year! You need to reevaluate your lingerie drawer. Toss out everything that pinches or pokes or gives you a wedgie or doesn’t have the amount of coverage you like (too little or too much!). Re-invest in more of the styles, colors, and fits that make you feel amazing. A great day starts with a great pair of panties.

What is your favorite style – you know, the kind that always looks and feels wonderful and puts you in a good mood? Are you holding on to any lingerie that never makes you feel good?

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