‘Sqweel’ With Delight and Jay Leno!

The Sqweel oral sex simulator, developed by sex toy scientists LoveHoney, made a “guest” appearance on “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno” with a special endorsement by Leno himself who used the device for a quick “facial” massage.

Leno’s “Products for a Better You” segment featured useful yet unusual tools to improve viewers’ lives and saved the best for last. Leno introduced his audience to the Sqweel, switched it on and let the 10 tongues lap against his large chin as he coyly informed the audience that the device is made for “personal relaxation.”

“Once again, another product to make men obsolete,” Leno smirked.

You just have the see the demonstration to appreciate the humor of it all.


The Sqweel features a patent-pending wheel of teasing tongues that lightly lap against the skin to replicate the sensations of oral sex over and over and over again. No vibration, no insertion – just soft yet firm strokes that bring her to orgasm every time! Simply keep it slick with Sqweel Lube to keep revolution going!

For more information, please visit http://www.sqweel.com.

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