Seven Experiences You Must Have To Spice Up The Bedroom!

When you are about to enter your bedroom for a night with your significant other, it’s best to let go of your good girl attitude at the door.  It’s the only way to access your inner sex kitten that’s in ALL of us.  Besides, what’s life and love without a bit of adventure.  To help with your enjoyment, here’s a few ideas that I feel you should try to help access that inner Sex Kitten, if you’ve never seen her before…lol!

Go to a strip club with the girls  I know, I know…you may not want to see some sweaty guy, bounce his junk around because you love your sexy man who will be waiting at home for you.  But take a minute and think about this…watching a hot, sweaty guy bouncing what his mama gave him…!!  At the end of the night, you’ll be hot and sweaty too…craving your man who is already home ready and waiting!

Create An Alter Ego Porn stars and erotic dancers make up personas to get in character for a sexy night!  A sexier name and character may give you the confidence you may not otherwise have about your real self.  Free yourself and get into character, which brings me to my next suggestion:

Become his Fantasy You know they have them.  Instead of getting mad about it, become it!  If you are too shy to ask, play a game and require both of you to write a sexual list with a few items on it.  Then make it more fun by holding a sexual “raffle” where the lucky winner gets one of the desires fulfilled.  Either way, you’ll get a glimpse of what he wants.

Go Lingerie Shopping  Ok, this is where I come in!  Try different things that you’ve never worn before!  Ask me questions…compare his desire list to my costumes, go crazy and wild!  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  You don’t have to stop at lingerie, which takes this to my next suggestion:

Buy a Sex Toy It’s important to make sex fun and playful, for the both of you.  Again, adventure is key!  A body harness, door swing, kinky cuffs, doggy support and more are all available at Naughty and Nice Lingerie .  We carry Lelo products, the Fifty Shades of Grey line, Lux Fetish and many more!  Make sure you get something for yourself, for when he’s out with the boys drinking one night and your home alone!!  You’ll never be bored again!

Take Him To Dance Lessons Take him to a local salsa, merengue or tango class, where you’re bodies will be pressed together and your hands will be all over each other!  I say keep it local because you’ll be lucky to make it to the end of the class!

Go to a Pole Dancing Class  They are more a more popular because it’s not only healthy, but it is teaching you to move your body in a more sexual manner.  It’s about sensuality.  Once you’ve learned your lesson, you can go home and share your new found education!

Hope these were as fun reading as I had writing!

Until next time lingeristas!


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