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Retail Lingerie Stores Dirty Little Secret Finally Exposed

I heard some disgusting news on a morning show recently. I knew a lot of stores did it, but knowing and seeing it done are two different things. I always tell everyone to be sure to laundry everything you purchase, no matter what. And here is why.

An investigation conducted by The Today Show revealed some very dirty facts about lingerie retailers and department stores. As part of an ongoing series “Secret Filth Exposed,” they revealed through a hidden camera that many retailers will accept returned and used underwear and bathing suits and sell them again as if they were new and never used.

A disturbing account was revealed by a woman who has worked at three different Victoria’s Secret stores. She told The Today Show that employees will accept returned underwear and put it back on the sales floor, even though it may have been used. She goes on to tell that if a product comes back as returned and it has an odor to it, they will put the garment on a hanger, hang it up overnight so the clothing ha time to release the odor and then they’ll put it back on the sales floor the next day.

The stores involved in the investigation were Nordstrom, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Victoria’s Secret, Saks Fifth Avenue, Gap, Express and J.Crew. The Today Show bought lingerie and bikinis at each store, ripped off the tags and the protective lining, marked the inside tag with two black dots, waited a week and then went to each store to return the items. To see the conclusion of the investigation, you’ll have to watch the video below! The only other thing I can say is that Saks, J.Crew and Express didn’t fail the “test.”

Rest assured that Naughty and Nice Lingerie does not engage in this sort of practice.

Check out the telling video below!


One thought on “Retail Lingerie Stores Dirty Little Secret Finally Exposed”

  1. Mary says:

    oh wow, i cant say that im shocked, but like you said hearing it and see it are two different things. That is disgusting and paying top dollar for…well you get it. thank you for sharing this. again…wow.

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