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How to Renew Your Lingerie and Other Clothing Items!

Hello lingeristas and those who love us,

I created a project in October called the “Donate A Bra” campaign.  It has been a huge success and I’m very proud of our effort in collecting bras for battered women! The last batch I collected at our #RockTheBra event in Bayonne, NJ produced many bras…some new and some not so new.

So as I am cleaning the bras and inspecting them, some needed a little work…maybe a stitch here, or a replacement / repair to a hook or eye (the closure on the back). Luckily, I’m very handy with these things…but I encountered a few bras with small fuzz balls all over them.  They looked really bad, but were in otherwise good condition and I didn’t want to get rid of them…so I decided to buy a small clothing shaver to tackle the problem and renew your lingerie.

Honestly, I didn’t really want to invest a lot of money. I decided to venture off to my local Target store to pick one up.  I found this little Evercare fabric shaver for $5.99 (plus tax) and figured, well…we shall see how well this product can renew your lingerie.


So I get home and not ever using one of these contraptions before, I was afraid.  I had read that they can damage clothing.  I figured a cheap one wouldn’t be strong enough to damage clothing too bad, right? Yeah…right! I tested it on some extra fabric I have in my home and it was quick to rip it!  So I learned very quickly what to do.

The key, I found, was to stretch out the article your shaving, don’t press down very hard and move quickly! I was pretty amazed at this little guys work (with my guidance, of course). Here is a side by side photo and a few closeups:

Renew Your Lingerie Renew Your Lingerie 2 Renew Your Lingerie 3

So I’m glad to add this to the batch of bras ready for distribution! I also used this on a few other pieces of clothing, including my friend’s Dene Adams Gun Corset. I was really afraid to use it on this because she paid $119 for it and I didn’t want to rip it with the shaver.  Lo and behold, it worked great and the holster looks almost brand new for being over a year old!

So if your items need to be freshened up, try to take care of it yourself.  It may be easier than you think and you can breathe new life into your favorite “threads!”

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