Quirky or Demeaning Lingerie Ad? You Decide.

The above ad was pulled from television based on complaints with one person likening it to soft porn.  The ad, made by Crisp Advertising for Adelaide retailer Innerwear Lingerie, showed a woman walking into a tire shop in her underwear and asking the man behind the counter “can you fit me?” supposed to capitalise on the free professional bra fittings the family-owned business offers

“There is no need for the ad to show a woman going to a mechanics in underwear and suspenders and suggestively bending over the counter to ask if they have all the quality brands. I feel it belittles women and their sexuality,” the complaint read.

In its final report, the Advertising Standards Board determined that the ad “depicted images which did not treat the issue of sex, sexuality and nudity with sensitivity to the relevant audience”.

Do you think that there is anything wrong with this ad? 

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