Important Health Benefits to Kegel Exercises You May Not Realize!

I was watching clips from The Doctors tv show, and was particularly interested to hear Dr Lisa discuss Kegel ball exercises.  The discussion came about because of a woman who cough her uterus out of her VAGINA!  May sound unappealing, but it is quite possible and happens often enough to be concerned.

Dr Lisa explained that she normally sees this type of issue with women who have had multiple pregnancies.  The muscles around the uterus lose there elasticity because of the sheer strain of carrying pregnancies.  A way to alleviate this type of issue is through Kegel exercises. 

I sell the Lelo Luna Beads, which is a Kegel weights system.  They are a great product and sell very well.  As a matter of fact, according to the manufacturer, they are the best selling Kegel weights in the world.  They can say that because there products speak for themselves.  They are created with health and wellness in mind, not just some cheap sex product. 

Addition benefits include longer, stronger, more attainable orgasms; reduced risk of incontinence and other pelvic floor disorders; and a faster return to tone and tightness after childbirth.
So whether you purchase the Lelo Luna Beads from me ($47.00 with free US shipping: or some other brand (why?), be sure to exercise your private muscles and stay healthy.
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