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How to host a successful Naughty and Nice Lingerie party

Wondering how to host a successful Naughty and Nice Lingerie show? Here are a few tips:

First, invite your friends. If you have limited space available, I would keep my guests list limited to 7 or 8. I have found that the ideal number to have at a party is 10.

Second, do something different, like having a unique theme (A tiki party works best in the summer months) or a crazy desert like “Popped Cherry Cupcakes”.

Third, find that must have item in our inventory and set a goal for party sales. Let your guests know before they come to your show that your are working on a specific goal to obtain it.

Four, “Have Fun”!

So if you live in New Jersey, and want to have the best girl’s night in lingerie party around, go to, email me at, or call / text me at 201 878 4996 to book your party today!