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Create a Naughty and Nice Lingerie Pinata For Your Next Party

Naughty and Nice Lingerie Pinata idea

Hello Lingeristas and those who love us,

I get a lot of requests to do home parties at  I love to do parties and I always try to accommodate everyone’s request.

When I agree to a party, I try to come up with a new idea for a game, a twist of some kind or something that would make the party just that much more memorable!  So, besides the lap dance game, lingerie bingo, the $69,000 pyramid game (Naughty and Nice Lingerie style) and more I have provide a wishlist program.

With the wishlist program, your party guests, or bachelorette can register a wishlist for the items she would love to receive at the party! This is a great relief for many party goers.  No guessing or trying to figure out the sizing. Of course, you can also buy a Naughty and Nice Lingerie gift certificate and let her have fun shopping.

I also create gift baskets.  Another fun thing to create for me and to bring for the party host or bachelorette / bride (for bridal showers).

NEW idea that has been added to my arsenal is a Naughty and Nice Lingerie Pinata! Fill it with lubricants, assorted gag gifts, nipple covers, and inexpensive lingerie to spice up the party! This is hilarious and the women are relentless.  I always throw in a few extras, such as mesh laundry bags and other accessories, just to add more fun and variety.  Check out the Naughty and Nice Lingerie Pinata Surprise Pack here (

If you need any help with your lingerie party needs, email me at for a package deal for your Naughty and Nice Lingerie piñata.  Or if you’d like to book a party, that would be even more fun!

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Create a Naughty and Nice Lingerie Pinata for your next girl's night in party!

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