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Bring Fun Back Into Your Bedroom with Naughty and Nice Lingerie

Hello Lingeristas and those who love us,

I get a lot of people asking advice about what can be done to bring fun back into the bedroom and spice things up.  That really is an open question, since it may take different efforts for different people. One of my constant reply questions are, “How far are you willing to go?”  This article is for those who are slightly adventurous or want to become adventurous.

I obviously always recommend lingerie.  Think about it…now, just hear me out here.  Imagine seeing two gifts under the Christmas tree…one has mis-matched paper, tape globbed all over it and it’s just pieced together.  Then you see a gift professionally wrapped, with the big bow on it…which do you think your eye would be drawn to?  And that doesn’t mean that the man is the only one that has a benefit here.  Women, when you take the time to look stunning, you will feel stunning and the payoff will be that look on his face when he sees you all put together, and then the aftermath..lol.

Now, let’s say you want to take it to another level…perhaps you want to dabble in light bondage products or you are curious about spanking or playing out your Fifty Shades Of Grey fantasies.  You can do that with our new products, without busting the bank.  I recently listed the following products:

Naughty and Nice Lingerie Tease Me Feather Tickler and Paddle

Tickle, arouse and then spank it! I would consider this the best first time product to test your and your partners curiousness.

Then we added:

Naughty and Nice Lingerie Sweet Sting Riding Crop

This riding crop is a bit more adventurous, but great for the next step, after tickling..lol.

And what is any collection, without the whip:

Naughty and Nice Lingerie Yes Sir Flogger Whip

As an added bonus, with the choice of colors in these items, you can color coordinate to appeal to both your eyes and body…Total hypnotism effect!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.  And check out my entire collection for the newbie to the expert at https://naughtyandnicelingerie.com/product-category/personal-pleasure/

PS: FYI – This trio makes a fantastic Bridal gift!!

Until next time my lovelies,




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