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Are thongs bad for our health?

I was watching an all women’s show of the Doctors on CBS and one of the topics of the show was “Are Thongs Wrong?” I don’t know about you, but this show really caught my attention…so I will divide the show up into different blogs and let you know what the “Doctors” say!

While wearing thongs may eliminate panty lines, they can also bring about other, more harmful problems. By exclusively wearing thongs (now I’m thinking..thank goodness I mix it up!), women put themselves at risk for urinary tract and yeast infections because bacteria can travel up the string of the thong into the urethra and vagina, “which is really the source of what the problems are,” Dr. Berman says.

Dr. Lisa advises wearing cotton underwear that breathes, because it will help keep the vagina at a healthy pH balance. “No spaghetti-strap kind of underwear,” Dr. Lisa says. “You need to wear cotton-crotch underwear, so no nylon. They need to have a good fit, and if you can, go commando at night.”

The point is, mix it up ladies! I was a little surprised by the “commando at night” approach. But who am I to argue with a Doctor!

2 thoughts on “Are thongs bad for our health?”

  1. BBPartyGirl says:

    well, some good tips! I hate I missed that episode! I wanted to watch! Thanks for highlighting!

  2. Brenda says:

    Yeah..I didn’t watch it all, but got a lot of info. I am hoping that it will be on e of those shows that they will repeat sometime soon!

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