Allow me to “re-introduce” myself…

Hello fellow Lingeristas and admirers of the undies!

After a long debate and going back and forth, I decided to change my long time Ebay user name of evey_c to nnnlingerie. I thought this change would prove beneficial, as it provides a cohesion in matching my store name of Naughty and Nice Lingerie and my other online presence. I hope this further proves my commitment to my business, and ultimately, you, the client.

I have been working very hard behind the scenes over the last few months at Naughty and Nice Lingerie. I hope that my simple, yet effective changes prove to provide a better shopping experience. I believe this will be the best holiday shopping season and I am very excited to work with everyone in the next few months and further into the future!

There are many exciting promos and giveaways I am working on for this holiday season. I have gotten some great new lingerie in regular and plus sizes that will be sure to please. Great colors and new styles! So be sure to check back often for free gifts and deep discount sales and free upgrades in shipping!

For now, as always, enjoy fast, free shipping within the USA, dollar rewards, and free gifts with multi item orders.

I am also going green with new shipping supplies made from recycled materials. And in the spirit of going green, I am offering a free large nnnlingerie shopping tote with your total order of $100 or more. So let’s commit to going green together. Use the tote for shopping, the grocery store or the gym. It’s made from durable canvas.

Be sure to “Like” us on Facebook and join the party! You can search for Naughty and Nice Lingerie on Facebook and search for the pink bra and panty set logo profile picture that is in my Ebay store logo. Or you can scan the barcode in the left side column of this blog with your smartphone.

I look forward to working with you and would appreciate your recommendation to friends and family! Thanks for reading my blog and it has been very nice to “meet” you!

xoxo, Brenda aka nnnlingerie

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