A Few Things To Spice Up Your Love Night!

We all know from loads of marketing campaigns that Valentine’s Day is supposed to be the sexiest, sultriest, panty-droppingest day in existence.

We also know that’s not actually going to happen all of the time in every scenario.

But you can try, can’t you? Your partner probably isn’t going to turn into Christian/Christina Grey for the night, but that doesn’t mean you can’t introduce a sex toy or three to spice things up any night. Here’s a few toys I think you might enjoy for a little something-something extra this Valentine’s Day (or any day). Let us know how it goes!


1.  Massage Candle: Candles spell Valentine’s Day romance … why not use one that doubles as massage oil? Between the creamy shea butter oil and the aphrodisiac scents, you might just stay in bed the full 36-hour burn time.  $35 with free shipping.

2.  Sex Swing: This playground is rated R … actually, more like NC-17. Try all the sex positions you used to think were impossible with your very own sex swing. $69 with free US shipping!

3.  Feather/Leather Spanker: Are you a good girl who’ll enjoy the gentle touch of the marabou feather? Or a bad girl who’ll feel the black leather spanker’s other end?

4.  Vibrating Cock Ring: Don’t be put off by its appearance: a vibrating cock ring is a delightful toy for both his pleasure and hers. His unique body-safe design promises comfort to men of all sizes, with a soft, flexible ring complementing the energenic and vigorous vibe. Still more flexibility is offered depending on how he is worn, with the wearer becoming noticeably more endowed, while delivering a longer-lasting experience that is all the better for being shared.  $79 with free US shipping!

5.  Vibrator: This LELO vibe with 5 different power modes comes on the recommendation of my sluttiest girl friend. (And I meant that as a compliment!) She says its amazing for both external and internal play and because it runs with a charger, you’ll never run out of batteries!  $109 with free US shipping!

6.  Make sure to tease and lock up your lover in absolute comfort with these Lux Fetish Leatherette Cuffs. Whether your a newbie or a master of all things erotic, these heavy-duty cuffs are an essential element to your playroom.   $32 with free US shipping.

All these items and many more, are available on my Facebook fan page, through the albums.  Each photo on my page comes with a complete description, price, and the link to purchase securely and discreetly through paypal. 


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at sales@naughtyandnicelingerie.com

Have a wonderful and memorable Valentine’s Day / Night!


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