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Redesigned Adults Novelty, Toys, and Couples Games Pages on Naughty and Nice

Hello fellow lingerie lovers,

Last year, after much consideration and requests from faithful fans, I dipped my toes into the Adult Novelty and Personal Pleasure products.  I searched long and hard (no pun intended) for classy items to bring into Naughty and Nice Lingerie, not trashy junk found at any hush-hush adult peep store.  I found quality, beautiful and health conscious items in Lelo, Lux Fetish, PicoBong, Glas and the soon to arrive, official 50 Shades of Gray Toy line. 

Well, I brought these lines into my inventory, and posted them on my Facebook fan page.  I posted some of the items on my website at, but it just wasn’t organized.  I took the last three weeks to work on the site and reorganize the pages and posted all of the adult novelty items, the personal pleasure items, and the couples games.  You can check out all of the items nicely organized now at:

Let me know what you think and if I can make it even better.  I need all the help I can get.

Until next time,