Secrets Personal Pleasure Product Protective Sleeve


Secrets Personal Pleasure Product Protective Sleeve. Protect personal pleasure product from scrutiny, dust or bacteria by covering up with a protective sleeve!


Brand: Secrets

Item: Personal Pleasure Product Protective Sleeve

Color: Black or Pink

Measurements: The black measures approximately 7” wide by 12” long. The pink measures approximately 4” wide by 12” long.


Protect you personal pleasure product from dirt, dust or bacteria in a drawstring protective sleeve. Available in 2 sizes and colors, your personal pleasure product can stand the test of time and reduce the risk of damage. Protect your delicate areas by ensuring that your personal pleasure product doesn’t fall victim to unwelcome smut.

Protect your privacy by adding a second layer of protection by covering up your personal pleasure product with the protective sleeve. No one needs to know all of your secrets!


Surprise your honey tonight!

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Black, Pink