Naughty and Nice Lingerie Heart Shaped Anal Beads


Naughty and Nice Lingerie Heart Shaped Anal Beads.

Enjoy more intense orgasms than you ever dreamed possible with the help of these strong, smooth anal beads. Indulge newly discovered erogenous zones and get more pleasure by removing mid-orgasm for heightened climax.

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Brand: Naughty and Nice Lingerie

Item: Heart Shaped Anal Beads

Length: Approximately 7.5 inches

Insert Length: Approximately 6 inches

Base type: Heart-shaped Finger Loop

Material: Silicone

Flexibility: Flexible

Waterproof: Submersible

Contains latex: No

Contains phthalates: No

Style #: NNN401


During anal play, slip these gently tapered heart shaped anal beads inside the nerve-rich erogenous zone for heightened arousal and improved sexual response. When removed at the point of climax, the gentle curves of the beads enhance your orgasmic contractions, extending the length, and increasing the intensity, of your orgasmic pleasure. Both men and women revel in the intensified pleasure that comes with wearing these Thai beads.

The unisex design works as a prostate massager when worn by him, and lavishes additional sensations on her vagina when she wears them, as well as providing extra texture for her partner during sex. Safety is ensured in the form of a finger loop at the base of the beads, preventing travel during wear and making it easy to thrust, twist and play with the beads to improve the quality of your stimulation.

Use with lashings of water-based lube for maximum sensation during wear. Due to the silicone composition, you should not use these beads with a silicone lube.


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