Naughty and Nice Lingerie’s Future Is In Your Hands! Handle With Care!

Hello Lingeristas and those who love us!

QuickBooks is putting a deserving small business on the 2016 Big Game! Naughty and Nice Lingerie could win a commercial that millions of people will see. You can help by voting daily for me here daily on any and all devices you may have. #TeamSmallBiz Voting is open until August 7, 2015.

Help me please! This is an opportunity of a lifetime! I would forever be grateful.

As a thank you, please accept coupon code 19283746r to save 10% of your next order at

I want Naughty and Nice Lingerie to be a bigger household name than those darn angels!  You can help make that happen.


Thanks again and have a sexy day!

Until next time,




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