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A Sexy Fireman Calendar Made For A Good Cause (And A Love Story)

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A few months ago, I announced that I was invited to an internet radio show to talk about my lingerie business for Valentine’s Day.  Recently, the same show,, hosted a very sexy guest, who had a very important message to share.    Host “JCG” Valerie Velazquez’ guest, David “El…


Quirky or Demeaning Lingerie Ad? You Decide.

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The above ad was pulled from television based on complaints with one person likening it to soft porn.  The ad, made by Crisp Advertising for Adelaide retailer Innerwear Lingerie, showed a woman walking into a tire shop in her underwear and asking the man behind the counter “can you fit me?” supposed…

End of My Birthday Month Sale! Take 25% off selected lingerie from Naughty and Nice Lingerie!

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Now that June is mid-way through and most of my partying is over, I’ve decided that it doesn’t mean I still can’t spread the love of lingerie by offering a sale.  Now until the end of the month, save 25% off selected lingerie at Naughty and Nice Lingerie.  Shop early…

LED Bras: The Latest Craze?

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LED lingerie has become the latest craze among festival-goers, taking the trend of wearing underwear as outwear to an electrifying new level. US brand Electric Styles has created line of ‘light up’ bras intertwined with electroluminescent wiring. The six styles range from an A to D cup and take two…

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Moves To London

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The Victoria’s Secret catwalk show will take place in London this year. The event, seen in 192 countries, will include musical performances, pink carpet interviews, model profiles and a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the show. Marketing director Ed Razek told reporters that Victoria’s Secret had hoped to bring…